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Home Service

 Is a valuable service that enables the public to maintain their health by scheduling one or more blood draws from the comfort of their home or office. Our phlebotomist technicians are specifically trained and certified (by local governing agencies) and ready to hear from you!


You no longer need to go to a clinic or lab. Our phlebotomist technicians, conveniently go to where you are! Whether that’s an office, home, or home care facility, we are here to help. You can learn more about how we serve different types of customers on our services page here:

Simply, our phlebotomists arrive with all of the supplies to effectively draw blood, you don’t need to do anything to prepare. Once collected, we securely deliver the sample to the lab,First Quality Lab , to get tested. Patients do not typically get lab results sent to them without the express consent of the ordering practitioner. The lab will send results to the ordering practitioner, who will discuss them with the patient.

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